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Clava Dine – bring the cosy feeling to the dinner table!

October 16, 2015

What makes a house a home? For some, it is that peaceful, blissful silence they get after a hectic day, for others it is that warm, cosy place where they feel safe and where they connect with the people they love. It is the luring smell of freshly baked bread, the big collection of books or vintage records laying on the floor, the adorable pet sneaking onto the couch, or the traditions they have with the loved ones. Home is wherever your happiness is; home is wherever you gather friends and family around the dining table to share smiles and joy, to collect beautiful stories and create memorable experiences. The Clava Dine is more than a lampshade – it is... Continue Reading →

Silvia Gold – the 5 year anniversary of the iconic VITA Silvia, in a limited edition

October 01, 2015

It’s here! Our very first limited edition! In a stunning golden finish, Silvia Gold celebrates the 5 year anniversary of one of our most successful families – the VITA Silvia family. The stylish Silvia lamp is already a classic. Inspired by nature and with its characteristic triangular, organic shaped blades, Silvia was designed in 2010, and soon it became not only a best seller but also an iconic Danish design lampshade. To celebrate its success and anniversary, we launched our very first limited edition – the VITA Silvia Gold. This eye-catching lampshade sheds a warm and glare-free light. Because the light bulb isn’t visible from any angle, it is perfect for any height and any place in a home, either... Continue Reading →

Showing the true colours of a white VITA lampshade

September 04, 2015

At VITA, we believe that every home deserves the best lighting design. For us, a lampshade is more than a nice fixture that provides light whenever it is dark. For us, a lampshade is an accessory that compliments a home, tells a story about it, and adds a bit of charm. It gives it character and personality. We think that home is wherever our VITA lamps shine, and that is why we want all our beautiful lampshades to belong to a space and to give it an identity; to be part of the family and to fit in. We want our lamps to be the perfect match for any home. We have been asked several times why most of our... Continue Reading →

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Tag your Instagram photos with #vitalighting